Multi-Sector Fixed Income

Investment Philosophy

The Multi-Sector strategy seeks to generate alpha through the use of a variety of fixed income assets ranging from investment grade credit, emerging markets and high yield. Additionally, we view other spread sectors (CMBS, ABS, non-Agency) as providing a further opportunity set for the portfolio management team. We believe that we have the capabilities to add additional value through security selection within these asset classes, as well as through country rotation and currency selection. We seek to combine multiple investment teams’ acumen into one portfolio, designed to meet our client’s long term objectives. The flexibility of the mandate will likely include the ability to gradually adjust sector weightings in order to position portfolios to take advantage of global macro investment trends such as low interest rates, weakening U.S. dollar, wide credit spreads and changing monetary policies.

Investment Process

The Investment teams utilize a six step process for security selection as it pertains to the Multi-Sector Fixed Income strategy.

Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives, risks, fees, charges and expenses before investing any money. To obtain this and other information, please email to request more information. Please review the Terms of Use of this site for additional details.