Long / Short Creditas of June 30, 2018 Print

The Long / Short Credit strategy seeks positive returns regardless of market environment through a fundamental credit-based, best ideas approach, implemented without a benchmark orientation while seeking to minimize interest rate duration exposure.  Our ideas are predicated upon proprietary, in-depth research and analysis. Our risk management process is focused on liquidity and hard stops. We believe we are well positioned to leverage our broad credit research expertise and trading operations.

Assets Under Management:
$51 million
Portfolio Leadership Team:

Andrew J. Kronschnabel, CFA
Brian D. Funk, CFA
Joshua T. Lofgren, CFAVIEW FULL TEAM
Inception Date:
February 1, 2011
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Objectives Performance Objective1 Risk Objective1
>5% + 1yr LIBOR (net) <4% standard deviation
Target Portfolio
Duration Gross Market Value Net Market Value # of Trade Ideas
0 yrs to 1.5 yrs 0% to 300% -50% to 100% 20-60

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