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The Long / Short Credit strategy seeks to generate total return in all market environments by using credit based strategies and minimizing interest rate duration exposure. The Long/Short Credit strategy is an unconstrained, multi-sector, credit strategy comprising liquid corporate credit, bonds, bank loans, credit default swaps, emerging market sovereign, and non-dollar denominated credit. There are no minimum or maximum gross exposure limits, as the composite incorporates all long/short credit strategies managed by Logan Circle. The strategy will invest in investment grade and below investment grade securities.

Assets Under Management:
$71 million
Portfolio Leadership Team:

Andrew J. Kronschnabel, CFA
Joshua T. Lofgren, CFA
Inception Date:
February 1, 2011
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Objectives Performance Objective1 Risk Objective1
>5% + 1yr LIBOR (net) <4% standard deviation
Target Portfolio
Duration Gross Market Value Net Market Value # of Trade Ideas
0 yrs to 1.5 yrs 0% to 300% -50% to 100% 20-60

Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives, risks, fees, charges and expenses before investing any money. To obtain this and other information, please email asklogan@lcpim.com to request more information. Please review the Terms of Use of this site for additional details.