Corporate Fixed Income

Investment Philosophy

We believe that the fixed income markets are efficient with respect to interest rate risk, but regularly misprice securities that are exposed to credit, default and liquidity risks. Further, we believe that focusing on security and sector selection within a duration neutral portfolio is the most effective strategy to exploit these inefficiencies. We believe that proprietary, bottom-up, fundamental credit, coupled with nimble trading is the best technique to identify the relative value of the individual securities and market sectors. Utilizing this approach, we seek to construct client portfolios with attractive risk/reward characteristics relative to the benchmark and peers.

Investment Process

The Investment team utilizes a five step process for security selection as it pertains to the Corporate Fixed Income strategy.

Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives, risks, fees, charges and expenses before investing any money. To obtain this and other information, please email to request more information. Please review the Terms of Use of this site for additional details.