International Bond

Investment Philosophy

We believe that the key to unlocking value in the international fixed income marketplace revolves around understanding sovereign macroeconomic fundamentals. Understanding the underlying economic fundamentals of a country allows us to have confidence in our portfolio positioning irrespective of market movements. We then combine our fundamental research with our strong trading capabilities to identify the best opportunities to invest.

Investment Process

The International Fixed Income team seeks to utilize proprietary in-depth fundamental research to generate returns from country, credit and currency exposure. We focus on high and stable real rates and apply a global relative value framework in our efforts to construct portfolios with attractive risk/reward characteristics. Our focus is on generating returns from the opportunities that we believe have the most attractive risk/reward, not the opportunities predetermined by an underlying index.

We do not limit ourselves to benchmark positions and often actively take on out of benchmark positions which have passed through our investment process. We have general sector weight guidelines; however, we seek to generate alpha for our clients through our in-depth, fundamental research process, overlaid with our quantitative analysis in our efforts to find relative value across the international fixed income universe.

The International Fixed Income team employs the following investment process:

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