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The Emerging Market Debt strategy seeks to exploit market inefficiencies through generating returns from country, credit, and currency exposure. The strategy focuses on global relative value across the credit spectrum and utilizes both U.S. Dollar and Non-Dollar securities. The portfolio management team responsible for this strategy applies a blended approach that allows for dynamic allocations and effective allocation of capital.

Assets Under Management:
$3,040 million
Portfolio Leadership Team:

Scott J. Moses, CFA
Logan Circle Partners Emerging Markets Blended Index (35% JP Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index (“EMBI”) Global Index, 35% JP Morgan Corporate Emerging Market Bond Index (“CEMBI”) Broad Diversified Index, and 30% JP Morgan Government Bond Index – Emerging Markets (“GBI-EM”) Diversified Global)
Inception Date:
November 1, 2006
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Available Vehicles:

Separately Managed Accounts
Collective Investment Trust
Limited Partnership Fund

Target Alpha vs.
EMBI Global1
Target Alpha vs.
Blended Benchmark2
325 basis points 200 basis points
USD Sovereign EM Corporate/
Non-U.S. Dollar EM Cash
25%–65% 30%–70% 5%–40% 0%–10%

1 Target Alpha is an investment objective and not a promise of future results or performance. It is calculated gross of fees over a 3 to 5 year time horizon. There can be no assurance that a portfolio will achieve its target alpha.

2 The LCP Emerging Markets Blended Index is comprised of 35% JP Morgan EMBI Global Index, 35% JP Morgan CEMBI Broad Diversified Index, and 30% JP Morgan GBI-EM Global Index, and is presented here for discussion purposes only.

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